Would you cycle during pregnancy?

7 Feb

One of our coming stories will focus on the dangers that pregnant women might face if they decide to keep riding their bikes, in spite of their pregnancy.

Photo: Lisa Larsson (Flickr)

Photo: Lisa Larsson (Flickr)

In order to improve our story, we would like to hear your personal experiences, so that you could become part of our story.

Have you kept riding your bike during your pregnancy? What kind of precautions did you adopt?

Are you pregnant right now? What have you decided: lock your bike on the storage or keep it ready for your every day?

HAVE YOUR SAY: leave your comments and stories on the comments space below!


8Feb11, 8.34pm: This afternoon, I sent a message to a couple of friends that have been helping Cycling London Online on the hard task of bringing you quality content.

Since we weren’t having any replies to the challenge we published yesterday, I asked them if they could help us promote it through their own Twitter accounts.

Andreas, from the London Cyclist, and James, from Going Going Bike, answered to our call and shared our appeal.

In a matter of two hours, other Twitter users (such as @Chrishowejones, @amsterdamized and @MartinAnscombe) were already re-tweeting our message. Around 7pm, six pregnant women from different parts of the country had already sent me an e-mail, offering their help on this story.

Thank you all for the support. It means a lot!

Just a final note: I think this proves my point when I say that social networks can indeed be an extremely useful tool for journalists… For the first time, my sources are involved on the process of news production. And, to be honest, it feels great! Thank you!

3 Responses to “Would you cycle during pregnancy?”

  1. Yasmin February 8, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    I’m expecting my third baby, and have cycled every time! The first time I did my once-a-week commute of 8 miles in addition to other local trips up until I was 8 months pregnant (when I stopped teaching as it was the summer holidays), the second time I stopped about the same time because Christmas and cold weather got in the way more than my bump. This time I’ll carry on as long as possible – it’s the most efficient way of getting around.
    However, I would offer some thoughts;
    – Pregnancy (and early motherhood) do funny things to your head. However confident a cyclist you are, you may not feel like cycling whilst pregnant. Or you may feel like cycling lots! Each pregnancy is different, don’t expect your feelings to stay the same. With my second pregnancy, I didn’t have the energy to cycle until I got to 4-5 months – with the others, I’ve cycled lots.
    – You may find a different bicycle easier at different stages. I’m 6 months pregnant now, and am no longer comfortable on my dropped handlebars touring bike – have just moved over to a dutch bike from a friend. But the same touring bike was immensely comfortable a previous time, when I’m sure letting my belly hang down helped the baby to get into a better position.
    – Don’t be surprised if cycling causes Braxton Hicks. I was really alarmed by this with my first, and it was worse when cycling a Brompton than the tourer.
    – Staying fit and active is supposed to be good for getting the baby in a good position. Although I found my labours fairly easy, it’s pretty hard work physically – if you can avoid being totally sloth-like in pregnancy, it’s bound to help the labour.
    – I don’t really find my balance on a bike is affected by pregnancy – I’m far more likely to overbalance and fall over just getting out of bed than I am riding a bike!
    – Being pregnant is hard work. Stay fit, but recognise your boundaries and don’t get overtired, and drink plenty of water. The same is true after the birth, especially if breastfeeding.

    Hope this is helpful! Thanks for flagging up an important issue.


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